03/08/19 Near to Jesus?

READING: Numbers 18-20, Mark 10:1-31

We don’t know what compelled the rich young ruler to Jesus, but I wonder if it had something to do with life and death. Perhaps it was the death of a friend or loved one. Maybe he had developed a health issue. Perhaps a natural disaster cost some lives. Whatever it was, something drove him to Jesus with this question: “Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?”(Mark 10:17). He wanted to talk about eternity, and he came to Jesus with His question.

What strikes me is that he apparently knew Jesus had the answer. This reality suggests that somebody had told him about Jesus—and whatever he heard compelled him to find Jesus with his question. He was sadly unwilling to do what Jesus commanded, but he had come to the right person.

I wonder today how many people move toward Jesus because they’ve heard something about Him and believe He can answer their questions about eternity—yet they still choose the temporary over the eternal? It’s a sad state to come near to Jesus but then walk away.

PRAYER: “God, I want to be full-in for You. Help me.”

TOMORROW’S READING: Numbers 21-22,  Mark 10:32-52