03/11/19 Proclaiming God’s Word

READING: Numbers 23-25, Mark 11

He was doing only that which he was supposed to do: be a spokesperson for the message of God. Yes, Balak, king of Moab, had hired him to speak judgment against the people of God—with the goal that Balaam would curse the Hebrews. Yes, Balak had persisted in his request even after God first told Balaam not to go with Balak’s servants. But, Balaam went before the people of God with one command from God in mind: “you are to say only what I tell you” (Num. 22:35).

So, Balaam only blessed God’s people rather than curse them. He did exactly the opposite of what Balak had hired him to do—several times, even! His change of direction infuriated Balak, but Balaam knew what any proclaimer of God’s Word must know:

  • “Shouldn’t I say exactly what the Lord puts in my mouth?”(Num. 23:12)
  • “Didn’t I tell you: Whatever the Lord says, I must do?”(Num. 23:26)
  • “I will say whatever the Lord says.” (Num. 24:13)

That’s our calling, too – to proclaim God’s Word, whether as a pastor preaching a sermon or as a layperson doing evangelism and discipleship. I pray that we would speak only that which He gives us. I pray we would neither add to or omit from His Word.

PRAYER: “God, help us to speak Your Word—and only Your Word.”

TOMORROW’S READING: Numbers 26, Mark 12:1-27