05/01/19 Weeping over Lostness

READING: 1 Samuel 19-20, Luke 19:28-20:8

The holy city of Jerusalem would not listen to Jesus. He was the fulfillment of the words of their prophets, but they would not listen to Him. He knew, in fact, that judgment was going to come to that city. Their city would be destroyed because, as He reminded them, “you did not recognize the time when God visited you” (Luke 19:44).

What was Jesus’ response to that coming reality? The scriptures tell us that “he wept for it [the city]” (Luke 19:41). The contrast is great – the people were rejoicing that the Messiah had come to the city, but Jesus burst into tears over them. Indeed, His grief was so great that the English word “wept” doesn’t fully capture the emotion behind Jesus’ actions.

I can’t help but wonder today if I truly grieve over non-believers destined for judgment apart from their having a relationship with Jesus. Do I weep because their hearts are far from God? If I claim to be a pastor and professor of evangelism and don’t weep over lostness, I am in the wrong work. 

PRAYER: “God, please break my heart over people who have rejected You.” 

TOMORROW’S READING: 1 Samuel 21-24, Luke 20:9-26