05/09/19 He Slept with Her

READING: 2 Samuel 9-11, Luke 23:1-25

The sentence  is clear. The words are not hard to understand. You can read them all in just a few seconds. They’re just one sentence in a chapter of 27 verses in 2 Samuel. In fact, you can glance over them as you read and not recognize the tragedy that’s written all over them.

Here are those words: “David sent messengers to get her, and when she came to him, he slept with her” (2 Sam 11:4). Indeed, it’s the final four words of the English sentence that should cause us to weep: “he slept with her.” Just one act. Only one decision. Just one day in a life of many, many days. One choice to put pleasure over principle. “He slept with her,” the text says.

And, thus began a snowball of sin that would include murder and produce great grief. The consequences would be painful—the first baby of their union would die, and David would eventually grieve deeply over his wrong—but apparently nobody was thinking about repercussions when David simply wanted Bathsheba. The king lived for the moment with little regard for the future—so he slept with her.

Sometimes, only a few words speak volumes about our heart. “He lied.” “She stole it.” “He left her.” “They slept together.” “He’s arrogant.” “She made it an idol.” “He refused to repent.” I could keep writing, but I trust you get the point. Even if we describe our sin with only a few words, sin still carries long-term, significant consequences.

PRAYER: “God, make me love You and grieve my sin..”

TOMORROW’S READING: 2 Samuel 12-13, Luke 26-56