05/19/19 Practical Discipleship: Praying Morning, Noon, and Night

READING: Psalm 55:16-17

The psalmist wrote that he sought God morning, noon, and night (Psa 55:16-17).  This psalm is the desperate cry of one who feels betrayed by a close friend—but who believes that God will care for those who trust Him while He also judges those who are the enemy. The imagery of “morning, noon, and night” is a reminder that the psalmist takes his needs before God regularly throughout the day; that is, prayer is a part of his daily life.

While that imagery doesn’t necessarily mean that the psalmist prayed at particular times during the day, I do think it’s wise to think in that direction. Especially for those who struggle with prayer in general, reminding ourselves to pray during these times each day can be a start toward prayer’s becoming a healthy routine. Here’s a simple way to utilize this pattern this week:

Morning: commit the day to the Lord, asking Him to use you for His glory and keep you from the enemy’s snares

Noon: use this time for a different focus each day using the ACTS paradigm (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication)

Night: thank the Lord for victories throughout the day and ask Him for faith to rest in Him during the night

If you learn to pray this way, I suspect that you’ll also pray more than these times. I’ve learned that the more we pray, the more we want to pray. 

PRAYER: “God, I commit myself to praying morning, noon, and night this week.”

TOMORROW’S READING: 1 Kings 4-6, John 4:27-45