10 People to Say “Thank You” to This Weekend

In the next couple of days, believers around the world will go to church, say “hi” to brothers and sisters, sing a few songs, hear the Word, and then have lunch – all the while missing opportunities to say “thank you” to some faithful Christ-followers. Maybe this list will cause you to think about thanking these folks as you go to church this weekend:

  1. Your Christian parents and grandparents. Assuming they are believers—and even if they don’t attend church with you—let them know your gratitude for modeling Christ before you.
  2. Parking lot and door greeters. They greet faithfully week after week. We say “good morning” to them but not often, “Thank you.”
  3. Nursery and children’s workers. They often serve behind the scenes, but they’re pouring the gospel into our next generations. Don’t just drop your kids off at the door; thank the adults working with them.
  4. Small group leaders. They don’t do what they do for a “thank you,” but they’ll accept that word with gratitude themselves.
  5. Ushers. When’s the last time you said, “thank you” to someone who receives the offering every week?
  6. Worship team members. Strong worship leaders and gifted musicians aren’t always easy to find. If you want to keep yours, say “thanks” more often.
  7. Sound and video technicians. They’re often hidden in a room in the back or high in the balcony, but a worship service without them can quickly become difficult to follow. Thank them this weekend for helping you see and hear the gospel story.
  8. Someone whose Christian walk is a model for you. You pay attention to their lives, and they encourage you. Why not say “thanks” when you see them at church? You’ll make their day.
  9. Your church staff. Sure, we say “thanks” during Pastor Appreciation Month, Christmas, anniversaries, etc.—but an unexpected, unplanned “thank you” can bring great joy to a faithful staff member.
  10. Your pastor. Don’t just compliment the sermon as you go out the door after the service; tell your pastor how grateful you are for him.

Who else will you thank this weekend? 


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