07/21/19 Practical Discipleship: 15-Minute Teachings

READING: Matthew 28:18-20

When God teaches us, He grows us so we might teach others. He does not grow us just to keep our experiences and lessons to ourselves; rather, His plan is that believers would tell the nations about Christ, His love, and His work within us.

As a disciplemaker, I’m convinced that we need to send out our “disciples” to teach others as soon as they’re learning from God’s Word. In fact, I encourage my disciples and my students to spend at least 15 minutes each week teaching someone what God is teaching them this week. That way, they start early in reproducing themselves, and they don’t wait until the time they’ve “arrived” before they start making disciples themselves. As long as we’re one step ahead of the folks we’re teaching and training, we have something to give them.

So, what did God teach you last week? Take some time this week to share those truths with someone else. Start making disciples of the nations.

PRAYER: “Thank You, Lord, for teaching me. Help me to teach others, too.”   

TOMORROW’S READING:  Job 4-5, Acts 18