11 Monday Questions for Church Leaders

It’s Monday, and many of us served this past weekend in a leadership role in a congregation where God has placed us. As we begin this week, here are some questions each of us might consider from yesterday:

  1. Was I spiritually prepared to lead God’s church yesterday? Frankly, we know when our heart isn’t right, even though we must go through the motions of leadership anyway. We also know when we’ve been walking with God. I pray your answer to this first question is “yes.”
  2. Am I starting the week with a positive or a negative spirit? It’s amazing how much the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of Sunday’s services affect us. If you’re beginning the week in pessimism and frustration, ask God to change your heart.
  3. What would I do differently in my teaching, preaching, or leading if I were doing it again? It’s always good to review yesterday in order to improve next week. The non-reflective church leader usually gets stale.
  4. What promises to pray did I make yesterday? Too often, we make promises on the spur of the moment and then forget them in the busyness of the day. Stop now and pray for anyone who comes to mind.
  5. Who wasn’t here yesterday that I need to check on? The size of your church may make it difficult for you to check on everyone who was absent, but checking on somebody is a good thing.
  6. What stories of God’s amazing grace did I experience or hear about yesterday? Even in the most difficult congregations, we can see glimpses of God’s glory. Don’t miss them.
  7. Do I need to ask anyone’s forgiveness for my actions or my words yesterday? I trust not, but all of us have a bad Sunday once in a while.
  8. What one thing can we most readily do as a church to strengthen what we do next weekend? That is, based on yesterday’s ineffective plans or weak moments, what can we do this week to fix these problems?
  9. To what staff member or layperson should I say “thank you” today? You might do it with a phone call, a handwritten note, or a text (though I prefer something more personal than a text)—but I suspect you’ll pleasantly surprise somebody by your verbalized thanks.
  10. What’s my plan to grow in Christ this week? If you don’t have a plan, you’re not likely to grow. Your Christian walk and love for God will be no different when you gather for worship next weekend. That will be sad.
  11. Do I look forward to next weekend? If not, ask God to renew your passion and your love for His local church.

What other questions do you ask yourself on Mondays?


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