Saturday Suggestions/Week in Review

Check out these important posts from others:

3 Ways to Sow a Culture of Thankfulness and Generosity by Robert Hurtgen
The spirit of Thanksgiving should extend beyond one day a year. Robert Hurtgen shares ways to cultivate gratitude in our churches. 

A Revolutionary Prayer Life by Mike Brooks
Many believers struggle with the discipline of prayer. Mike Brooks challenges us to evaluate our conversations with God and reminds that God truly does listen.

How a Decrease in Attendance Frequency is Affecting Your Church by Sam Rainer
Attendance is declining in many churches. Sam Rainer explains what this means for our congregations.

Anticipating the Coming King by Trillia Newbell
We’re entering the time of year when we reflect on the first time Christ came to earth. Trillia Newbell shares the story of Joseph–Mary’s betrothed–and his anticipation of Jesus’ arrival.

In case you missed any of Chuck Lawless’ posts this holiday week, check them out here:

Practical Responses: How to Pray, Balance Life, and Budget

Practical Responses: Knowing God’s Will, Finding Accountability, and Doing Evangelism

Practical Responses: Struggling with Sin, Shepherding One’s Family, and Doing Ministry

12 Ways to Build Thanksgiving into Your Life

4 Thanksgiving Posts to Consider This Weekend

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