A 30-Day End of the Year Bible Reading Plan

With just thirty days left in 2019, maybe you want to end the year well with your devotions. Every list of important chapters of the Bible will inevitably leave out other significant ones, but here’s a reading plan that helps you read the general story of the Bible through the rest of the year:

December 2

Reading: Genesis 1-3

Topic: Creation and Fall

December 3

Reading: Genesis 12, 15

Topic: Call of Abraham

December 4

Reading: Exodus 3

Topic: Call of Moses

December 5

Reading: Exodus 12-14

Topic: Observing Passover and Crossing the Red Sea

December 6

Reading: Exodus 20

Topic: Ten Commandments

December 7

Reading: Exodus 32

Topic: Golden Calf

December 8

Reading: Joshua 1, 24

Topic: Call of Joshua and “Choose this day whom you will serve”

December 9

Reading: 2 Samuel 7

Topic: Davidic Covenant

December 10

Reading: 1 Kings 8

Topic: Solomon’s Dedication of the Temple

December 11

Reading: Psalm 23

Topic: Shepherd’s Psalm

December 12

Reading: Psalm 51

Topic: David’s Confession

December 13

Reading: Isaiah 53

Topic: The Suffering Servant

December 14

Reading: Matthew 1, 2; Luke 1-2

Topic: Birth of Jesus

December 15

Reading: Matthew 5-7

Topic: Sermon on the Mount

December 16

Reading: Mark 6

Topic: Feeding of the 5000

December 17

Reading: John 17

Topic: Jesus’ Priestly Prayer

December 18

Reading: Luke 22-23

Topic: Garden of Gethsemane and Death of Jesus

December 19

Reading: Matthew 28

Topic: Resurrection of Jesus and Great Commission

December 20

Reading: Acts 2

Topic: Coming of the Spirit

December 21

Reading: Acts 9, 2 Timothy 4

Topic: Dramatic Conversion and Finished Race of Paul

December 22

Reading: Acts 15

Topic: Jerusalem Council

December 23

Reading: Romans 3, 6

Topic: Romans Road

December 24

Reading: 1 Corinthians 13

Topic: Love Chapter

December 25

Reading: Galatians 5

Topic: Fruit of the Spirit

December 26

Reading: Ephesians 6

Topic: Armor of God

December 27

Reading: Philippians 2

Topic: Humility of Christ

December 28

Reading: 2 Timothy 3

Topic: Trusting God’s Inspired Word

December 29

Reading: Hebrews 11

Topic: Hall of Faith

December 30

Reading: Revelation 4, 5, 7

Topic: Worshipping the Lamb

December 31

Reading: Revelation 19-22

Topic: Christ’s Return, Satan Bound, The New Jerusalem and “Come, Lord Jesus!”



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