4 Opportunities for Prayer, Community, Discussion, and Learning in These Days of Social Distancing

Many of us are realizing how much we enjoy relationships now that we’re forced to be separated from most other people. Here are a few options if you want to be connected to others and/or continue learning in these unusual days:

  1. Southeastern Seminary prayer page. As an institution, we’re committed to praying for our brothers and sisters. If you have a prayer request, go to our prayer page and give us the information. The prayer requests are routed to my inbox, and I’m grateful for the privilege of praying for you.
  2. Church Answers community. This community, led by Thom Rainer and his team, is one of the best resources I’ve seen for connecting with other leaders, learning strategies for healthy church growth, and simply seeking support in tough times. The cost is $9.97 monthly, but it’s well worth the cost—perhaps even more so in these days of uncertainty. Check it out here.
  3. Great Commission Conversations Facebook page. My friend, Keith Whitfield, and I are having conversations with pastors and other leaders to help each other navigate church leadership during this crisis. Thus far, we’ve interviewed a local church pastor and a trauma therapist. I invite you to join us at this Facebook page.
  4. Free online courses through Southeastern Seminary. We offer free courses in Bible, theology, church history, preaching, hermeneutics, culture, missions, evangelism, and others. Check out these courses here. Or, if you’re interested in a certificate-level course (now offered at a reduced rate), look at these options here that include Bible, counseling, ethics, theology, evangelism and missions, and apologetics.

I am so grateful for you, the readers, who make my writing daily posts worthwhile. It’s my joy when something I write encourages you, and I pray one of these resources will help you, too. 

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