5 Posts that Offer Hope in These Crazy Days

Everything is changing so fast around us that it’s overwhelming. In our state of North Carolina, we’re under a “Stay at Home” order for the next 30 days—and the number of coronavirus cases continues to grow. It’s wearisome and worrisome. Perhaps one of these posts will give you hope and insight today. 

      1. 10 Things I Need to Remember Today
      2. When God’s Plan Includes Pain
      3. 10 Words of Prayerful Hope for the Struggling
      4. Some Thoughts on Waiting on God
      5. 7 Ways to Break the Bondage of Worry

God bless you. I’m praying for you.

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  • Chuck, God has been using PhoneLiveStreaming.com to help the elderly and those with poor or no Internet connection to join worship services. Last week 3,131 households used this method. Thanks for letting us spread the word. – Hugh

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