05/27/20 Kindness that Leads to Repentance

READING: 2 Samuel 18-20; Psalms 34; Romans 2

For almost a full year, my friend told me about Jesus before I followed Him in faith and repentance. Day after day, week after week, and month after month, I said “no” to my friend’s urgings. He never gave up on me, even after I told him to back off. He changed his tactics, but he never compromised his truth.

Looking back, though, I’ve since learned that my friend’s persistence was a mark of God’s “kindness, restraint, and patience” toward me (Rom 2:4). When God could have easily—and justifiably—rejected me on the basis of my rejecting Him, He instead extended His kindness to me. His plan was to bring me to repentance, and He did so through the never-give-up loving message of my friend. God’s kindness toward me is still hard to believe—and I never want to forget that truth. I do not want to despise His gifts toward me.

What about you? How has God shown His kindness, restraint, and patience toward you?

PRAYER: “God, thank You for loving me when I didn’t love You.” 

TOMORROW’S READING: 2 Samuel 21-23; Psalms 18; Romans 3