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4 Surprising Things I Learned About My Church’s Views on Re-Entry by Josh King
Members of your church will most likely differ on their thoughts concerning meeting together again. Josh King shares his findings and offers a resource to help church leaders assess their congregation’s feelings on re-entry.

One Surprising Benefit of Social Distancing for the Pastor’s Wife by Katie Orr
Your pastor’s wife has a unique perspective on your church. Katie Orr shares what this time of social distancing can look like for a pastor’s wife, and how we can best minister to our pastors’ wives moving forward.

L(amen)ting with Hope by Matt Boga
In an unprecedented time in which the whole world grieves, Matt Boga points us to the hope of Christ and our heavenly Father’s desire for us to bring our pain to Him.

How Will the Lord’s Supper Be Served? by Thom Rainer
As our churches consider reopening, we must think through how our gatherings will be different than before. Thom Rainer lists questions to help us think through how our congregations will observe the Lord’s Supper.

In case you missed this week’s posts at, here’s the week in review: 

  1. 8 Markers of Church Leaders Leading Well During COVID-19
  2. 8 Words of Encouragement for Weary Pastors
  3. 8 Words of Encouragement for Weary Lay Leaders
  4. 10 Questions to Consider Before Regathering
  5. A Simple Challenge for TODAY in the Midst of COVID-10 Busyness

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