07/30/20 Evil in Your Heart

READING: 2 Chronicles 24, 2 Kings 12, Psalm 50, Matthew 9

Sometimes you just need a reminder.

When Jesus healed the paralytic in today’s reading, He first forgave the man’s sins. The religious leaders quickly got stressed at Jesus and called Him a blasphemer. After all, only God can forgive sin—and Jesus wasn’t God, they thought. He was no more than a Galilean son of a carpenter. Consequently, they apparently muttered to themselves their disdain for what Jesus had said.

Some scholars suggest that Jesus must have overheard these mutterings before he asked the scribes, “Why are you thinking evil things in your heart?” (Matt 9:4)—but He surely had supernatural insight into their thinking. When they were sure He was not God, He was capable of reading their minds. They could hide nothing from Him. Nor can I, and nor can you.

Still, though, we sometimes preach this truth to others even while we ignore it ourselves. We know better, but we forget that Jesus knows when evil lurks in our hearts. We sometimes forget that He’s God.

So, I’ll say it again: sometimes you just need a reminder.

PRAYER: “Remind me, Lord, that I hide nothing from You. Remind me that You know my thoughts.”

TOMORROW’S READING: Joel, Matthew 10