07/31/20 Hairs That Have Been Counted

READING: Joel, Matthew 10 

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this truth, but my hair was shoulder length and feathered back when I first started pastoring in 1981. That was one of the “in” styles back then (I have no idea why, however, now that I look back), and I wanted to be a cool preacher. It wasn’t until four years into my ministry that I got my hair cut above my ears.

Many years later now, I don’t have nearly as much hair as I had then. It’s slowly changing colors, and it seems to be thinning out. I sometimes wonder if I’ll eventually look like my grandpa, who was bald the entire time I knew him prior to his passing.

Here’s what I’m reminded of today, though: even if my every hair were to fall out, not one would disappear without God’s sovereign knowledge. God so intimately knows me, loves me, and watches over me that I can trust Him even if I were to face persecution. He who cares for the smallest bird cares much more for those created in His image. When we know how much He loves and guides us—and how much He concerns Himself with even the smallest details of our lives—we need not fear anything.

PRAYER: “Lord, thank You for caring about even the tiniest particulars of my life.”    

TOMORROW’S READING: Weekend is for catch-up and review

MONDAY’S READING: Jonah, Matthew 11