Saturday Suggestions/Week in Review

Check out these important posts from others:

How to Leave a Legacy of Generosity  by Todd McMichen 
Cultivating generosity in the home is an important task. Todd McMichen shares stories of generous families from the Bible to encourage us to prioritize a spirit of giving.

The Challenges and Joys of Families Worshipping Together by Jenny Smith
While churches begin to reopen, many are not yet offering children’s ministries. Jenny Smith explains how including children in the worship service can lead to healthy spiritual growth.

Contentment Isn’t Passive by Megan Hill
Contentment is neither natural nor easy. Megan Hill explains how we can be actively content and trust God in our circumstances.

Follow the Way You Want To Be Followed by Tim Challies
The responsibility of leadership should never be taken lightly. Tim Challies explains how, in order to lead well, we must learn how to follow.


In case you missed this week’s posts at, here’s the week in review:

  1. 5 Reasons Pastors Don’t Trust Each Other, and 5 Steps We Can Take to Build Trust
  2. 8 Suggestions for Weary Pastors and Church Leaders
  3. One of My Biggest Regrets in Ministry
  4. 6 Reasons Why Some Pastors May Resign Soon after the COVID Crisis

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