10 Signs You Might be in a Spiritual Rut

It happens to most of us – we deal with spiritual ruts at some point in our lives. Tomorrow I’ll give suggestions for dealing with a rut, but here are some signs to see if you’re in one now.

  1. You read the Word, but it’s only a “check-the-box” perfunctory reading. You do it because you know you’re supposed to, not because you want to.
  2. You pray, but your prayer is brief and repetitive. It’s lost any real sense of relationship between you and God.
  3. You can’t readily talk about what God’s been teaching you lately. That’s because you haven’t been in the best spiritual condition to learn from Him.
  4. You feel “spiritually tired.” I don’t know how else to describe it: you just feel blah about your spiritual walk.
  5. You’ve not shared the gospel with anyone for a long time. That happens when we’re in a rut—our attention to evangelism gets diverted.
  6. You go to church, but with no sense of excitement or anticipation. You’re still faithful Sunday after Sunday – and you might even serve each week – but you have no expectation that worship will move your heart.
  7. You’re less sensitive to the Spirit’s conviction when you’re under temptation. It used to be that you turned to God and fled temptation quickly; you still fight temptation today, but with less zeal.
  8. All of your testimony relates to what God has done in the past, with no present-tense stories of God’s work in your life. All the high points of your spiritual growth have been in your yesterdays. Today is just routine.
  9. You find yourself less interested in hanging out with other believers. Fellowship has become routine, so it doesn’t motivate you to join with others.
  10. Your spiritual walk is on autopilot. You do what you’re expected to do as a Christian, but you’re just going through the motions.

Are you in a spiritual rut? Tell us how we might pray for you.



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