12 Miracles I’ve Seen as a Pastor

Let me open my heart a minute. I’m praying and asking God to change the heart of a great friend, and sometimes I have to work hard at trusting and believing. When I do, it’s helpful for me to remember these kinds of miracles I’ve seen as a pastor:

  1. Men freed from pornography. Some of us thought it would never happen, but it did.
  2. Adulterous marriages healed. They’ve sometimes been headed directly to divorce, and God turned them around.
  3. Angry men and women changed. I’ve seen them melted by the gospel in such a way that their anger becomes sweetness and joy.
  4. Atheists made whole. Somehow, God made Himself known to them, and they could no longer deny His existence.
  5. Shy, almost backward believers turned to strong preachers. Once they get to the pulpit, it’s clear the Spirit has worked and is working in their lives.
  6. Hardened hearts melted. Like my dad’s. We prayed for him for 36 years before God dramatically and completely saved him.
  7. “Religious” people given life. They’d been faithful to all they knew, and they assumed they were okay with God – until the gospel truly grabbed their heart.
  8. Rebellious teens following God’s call. They drove their parents crazy, but then they clearly sensed God’s hand on their lives. Everything changed.
  9. Drug and alcohol addicts released from their bondages. I’ve experienced this miracle in my own family. God is good.
  10. Hateful enemies turned to godly friends. It’s amazing whenever I see it. Two people who couldn’t stand each other are now united and working together under the call of the gospel.
  11. Neglectful, distant parents changed to loving, giving parents. I’ve seen them so changed that their kids almost didn’t recognize them.
  12. Fractured churches restored. The battles may have been going on for decades, but then the Spirit of God somehow overwhelmed them.

So, today, I need to keep praying for my friend and trusting God. 

What miracles have you seen?

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  • Robin G Jordan says:

    A member of my Monday evening Bible group was diagnosed with a growth on her thyroid and was to undergo surgery. We laid hands on her and prayed over her the night before she was scheduled for surgery. When the doctors took fresh x-rays before the surgery, they discovered that the growth had gone. I have friends who were addicted to alcohol and drugs and have been sober and drug-free for more than ten years after they gave their lives to Christ. They hit rock bottom first. One went to jail. A lot more “miracles” happen than we realize. The problem is that we look for the wrong things. I consider the church that I helped plant in the 1980s a “miracle.” The credit for the church having made it those first few crucial years and grown like it did goes to God alone. None of us had any church planting experience to speak of. Our first pastor (not our founding pastor) even less.

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