09/21/20 The Aroma of Christ

READING: Isaiah 64-66, 2 Corinthians 2

Our life is an aroma. In fact, it’s an aroma of Christ. It’s a pleasing fragrance to God when we place ourselves on the altar for Him.

I’m sure we don’t often think of it that way, but that’s the way Paul describes it in today’s New Testament reading. Some folks see our walk with God, find something unique and powerful in it, begin to investigate Christianity, and turn to the Lord. In that case, our life is an aroma of life.

On the other hand, some people don’t like what they see. Perhaps they’re simply not interested in spiritual matters, or maybe they don’t like the demands Christianity would place on them. Of, they might be convicted by what they see and don’t want to deal with that reality. Whatever the case may be, they choose to reject the aroma of Christ—and it becomes an aroma of judgment and death for them. That’s a tragic picture.

Our responsibility is simply to walk with God so closely that we please Him, proclaim His message to our neighbors and the nations, and trust Him to change hearts. May our lives be a sweet aroma to God and others this week, beginning today. 

PRAYER: “God, may my life be pleasing to You today.”   

TOMORROW’S READING: 2 Kings 21, 2 Chronicles 33, Psalm 71, 2 Corinthians 3