01/12/21 Finding a Spouse

READING: Genesis 24-25, Matthew 8:14-9:8

Today’s Old Testament reading includes the story of God’s amazing work to provide a wife for Isaac. God orchestrated the events so Abraham’s servant would encounter Rebekah at just the right time, and she alone would offer water to the servant’s camels. God then granted Rebekah faith and trust to leave her home to marry Isaac. She trusted God’s providence, and that meant committing to marry a man she had not yet met. “I will go,” she said (Gen 24:58) if that’s what God commands. Isaac then would love her in turn. 

As I think of the miraculous nature of God’s intervention in Isaac and Rebekah’s lives, I am reminded that God still works in mighty ways to connect the hearts of husbands and wives. My meeting Pam was hardly as dramatic as Rebekah’s encounter with Abraham’s servant, but God’s hand is no less evident in our situation. Through two church secretaries who believed Pam and I should meet, God worked the details so we could get to know each other through several single adult activities. We came from two different backgrounds, yet God connected our hearts. We fell in love, married in 1991, and look forward to our 30th anniversary in May. 

God is the One who brought us together, and He’s the One who holds us together. My spouse is God’s amazing gift to me. 

PRAYER: “God, I thank You for Pam.”

DAILY ACTION STEP: Thank God for your spouse today.         

TOMORROW’S READING: Genesis 26-27, Matthew 9:9-38