02/01/21 Another Route

READING: Exodus 13-15, Matthew 19:13-20:16

In the eyes of the world, it would have made sense for God to lead His people via another route. It would have been a shorter route to Canaan—likely the route anyone else would have taken. That route was not God’s leading, however. He knew that if He led His people in that direction, they would face more war along the way and want to return to Egypt. Sure, they would have known God’s power to free them from Egypt, but yesterday’s victory doesn’t always lead to full trust today. The Hebrews would have struggled had they gone the logical route, so God directed them another way. 

See, sometimes God’s leads us in an unexpected direction because He knows what we would face if taking another route. That is, He lovingly and graciously takes on a different journey to protect us from our enemies and from our own frailties. That route might be longer, and it might make little sense in our own assessment. It might even lead to a greater need for trust—like when facing a sea with an enemy army in pursuit—but it’s always right.

The difficulty is that we don’t usually recognize the rightness of the journey until we’ve reached the other side. Faith, however, demands we trust Him today to lead us well in whatever direction He sees best. 

PRAYER: “God, help me to trust You even when I don’t understand the route You’re taking me.”

DAILY ACTION STEP:  Don’t get stressed if God leads you in unusual directions today. His leading is always right.  

TOMORROW’S READING: Exodus 16-18, Matthew 20:17-21:11

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