04/08/21 Give Me the Land

READING: Joshua 13-15, Luke 8:1-25

At 60 years old, I still feel really good physically. I work out almost every day, try to eat decently, and work at (not always successfully) getting rest. I’m sure that hanging out with young students every day doesn’t hurt, either. Their energy and zeal for life and ministry keep me on my toes. 

When I get to age 85, I’m guessing I will have slowed down. Maybe not, though, if I’m anything like Caleb. He’s an amazing biblical character who stood faithfully in God’s work no matter what he faced. God graciously took care of him, and his strength was no less at 85 than it was when Moses first sent him out decades before. In fact, he not only wanted to inherit his land, but he also wanted the land where the giants still lingered. He invited the battle because he knew God would be with him and keep His promise to him: “Now give me this hill country the Lord promised me on that day, because you heard then that the Anakim are there, as well as large fortified cities” (Josh 14:12). 

May I be found as energetic, faithful, and trusting 25 years from now. I know for certain that God will have been faithful the entire way. 

PRAYER: “Lord, keep me faithful and excited about gospel work the rest of my life.”

DAILY ACTION STEP:  Trust God today if He calls you to engage the giants.       

TOMORROW’S READING: Joshua 16-18, Luke 8:26-56