10 Signs Easter is Only a One-Day Event for You

Yesterday was Resurrection Sunday, when people around the world gathered to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Check out these signs, though, to see if Easter is only a one-day event for you:

  1. Everything’s back to “normal” today. You went to church yesterday because it was Easter, but nothing’s really changed. You probably even assumed that would be the case. 
  2. You fear death. If the idea of dying overwhelms you, it’s possible Easter doesn’t mean enough to you.
  3. You see only the negative in general. Easter is about seeing a man die, but believing He wouldn’t remain dead. It’s refusing to camp out in negativity.   
  4. You’ve lost hope. You used to believe more, trust more, and lean on God more. Now, you’re not even sure He’s listening to you. 
  5. You live in bondage to sin. The death and resurrection of Jesus ended sin’s reign. If sin is still winning in your life, you’re not living in the power of the resurrection today.
  6. You’ve given up on your church. When you see no prospects of change, no hope for correction, and no possibilities of revival, you’re neglecting the truth that God brings life out of death.
  7. You believe God won’t accept you. The resurrected Jesus reached out to His followers, including the disciples who all fled when He was arrested. You’re missing the hope of Easter if you think God’s given up on you.
  8. You let worry consume you. The resurrection is a reminder that nothing is too big for God to overcome. Worry denies that truth.
  9. You don’t think much about those who don’t have a relationship with the living Lord. When the resurrected Christ captures you, you’ll talk about Him to anyone who will listen (or not. . . ). An Easter holiday that doesn’t lead to proclamation is missing something. 
  10. Regardless of your walk with the Lord, it’s likely you won’t think much about resurrection again until next Easter. To be honest, even long-term believers get caught here. In fact, we who’ve heard the story for so long tend to take it for granted. 

Here’s my prayer for all of us today: “Lord, let the truth of resurrection change my entire life today, tomorrow, and every day You give me.”  


  • Ben says:

    Any suggestions for someone who has lost hope?

  • Dr. Lawless, I can’t wait to run into you at an event…or over coffee…you have been a blessing to me. (I’ve expressed this before by twitter, and you were kind and quick to reply). You even responded to a ChurchAnswers Pray & Go post I put up recently. Thanks.

    (Now that I’ve buttered you up…) I’m opening with this on Sunday. Thanks for this post!

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