Why Spouses Should Pray Together Each Day

According to Ephesians 5, Christian marriage is a picture of the way Christ loves the church. While the implications of this picture are many, at a minimum it calls me to pray for my spouse even as Jesus prayed for His church. Indeed, spouses ought to pray with each other on a regular basis. Here are several reasons why spouses should pray together each day.  

  1. The Bible demands that we pray without ceasing. Paul gave us this mandate in 1 Thessalonians 5:17. If we are to pray constantly – that is, building prayer into the DNA of our lives – it only makes sense we would pray regularly with our spouse.
  2. The two have now become one. When God brings us together with our spouse, we become one flesh. That union certainly includes a spiritual component, and prayer is one means to unite before God.
  3. The battles of life are daily. Few days pass without some struggle. We need to pray together every day both to deal with present battles and to prepare for future struggles. Even if the day goes well, we should thank God for the little victories He gives us.
  4. Prayer is a confession, “We need Your help to do this.” Marriage is seldom easy. Parenting adds another complex layer of challenges. Whether learning how to love our spouse or raise our children, we need God’s help. Prayer admits that truth.
  5. It helps keep Christ at the center of our marriage every day.  Taking time daily to pray together slows life down enough to focus on Christ for a few minutes. Most of us need to take that step.
  6. The intimacy of prayer fosters deeper emotional and physical intimacy. Opening our heart to pray aloud with each other is one of the most intimate, personal, even risky, ways to love one another. When we share the genuine intimacy of prayer, intimacy in other areas of life follows.
  7. Prayer helps us to wear the full armor of God.  Paul told us to wear the full armor of God, and he then called on the Ephesians to pray for him (Eph. 6). Married couples must especially hear Paul’s call, as our marriages and our homes are primary targets of Satan. He seeks to divide and devour us, and prayer is one means to ward off his attacks.
  8. Praying together sets the right example for our children. Children need to know their parents love each other. They also need to know that – and to hear – their mom and dad pray together. Our kids deserve the memories of parents always seeking the face of God.
  9. It forces us to deal with conflicts quickly. When you know you’re going to pray together at some point, you also know you can’t carry anger long. Facing and overcoming any conflict cleanses your heart in preparation for prayer.
  10. It’s not that hard to do. I’m not calling for every couple to pray together for at least an hour each day. I’m calling for couples to pray together at least for a few minutes each day. Consistency is more important than length of the praying. Every couple can find a few minutes daily to talk to God together.

Frankly, husbands, we are to take the lead here. If you’re not already praying daily with your spouse, take a risk. Open your soul to your spouse. Even if it’s tough to do, pray together for a few minutes each day. You and your family will not regret it. 


  • Chimex says:

    Fantastic and inspirationalso.

  • Joshua says:

    It is an axiom that the battles of life are daily! Thus prayer has to be a daily discipline. Thank you for your points. They are all scriptural and true. I agree with you.
    As a young Nigerian married couple based in Nigeria, we are encouraged. I read your article on the Christian post and I had to check this first article.

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