10 Ways to be a Great Team Member

Recently, Brian Autry gave us great advice on how to build a team. Now, here are 10 ways to be a great team member.

  1. Pray for team members. You've heard me say this before about prayer in general, but I suspect team members pray for others primarily when a need arises. We would treat each other differently if we prayed for each other regularly. 
  2. Put the team above yourself. Your team can accomplish more when you work together to accomplish the team's goals. That doesn't happen if you're simply using the team to reach your own goals. Adopt and focus on the team's vision first. 
  3. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. The best teams have members who operate in their area of strength. Find your giftedness, serve there, and rejoice for the team member whose strength overcomes your weakness. 
  4. Be humble. Strong teams are made up of individual leaders in their respective roles, and their combined strength has great momentum. One arrogant leader can hinder the entire team (and by the way, most of us need somebody else to point out our arrogance — find that person in your life).  
  5. Intentionally serve other team members. Make a deliberate decision to serve another team member at least once a week. Redirect your energy and focus away from yourself, and your team members will appreciate you more. 
  6. Honor the families of other team members. Encourage team members to sacrifice for each other so they have time with their families. Know family members' names. Greet them personally when you see them. Pray for them.
  7. Follow Matthew 18:16 and 5:23-24 when dealing with team conflict. Jesus tells us to talk directly to the offender when a problem develops — don't talk to other team members first. If you think a team member has an issue with you, leave your gift at the altar and seek reconciliation. 
  8. Keep learning. That commitment might mean attending conferences or earning additional degrees. Learn how to do your work better. Grow yourself, and your team will grow. 
  9. Welcome evaluation. None of us is perfect. All of us have room for growth. However your team does evaluation, welcome it. Team accountability matters. 
  10. Walk with God. Hypocrisy will quickly hinder a team, but godliness will strengthen the team's foundation. Follow God in such a way that team members can easily talk of your integrity and righteousness. Humbly make them honored to walk with you. 

What other characteristics would you add?  


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