Celebrating Even as We Weep

Today is a day of celebration, but I grieve. It's a day to rejoice, yet part of me weeps. We sing more enthusiastically than we typically do today, but my singing is a bit muted. Later today, I will gather with family and friends, and we'll have great fellowship together — but I cannot ignore the pain. 

I truly am incredibly grateful for Jesus' death and resurrection today. I'm so thankful that death is not final, that resurrection and heaven are real. I'm humbled by the opportunity to join my Christian brothers and sisters in celebration today. 

But, many people will not be celebrating today. Billions, even. Billions who don't even know that Jesus ever existed. Billions for whom a cross is just a piece of wood, and an emptied tomb is but a fantasy. 

Many of them will sacrifice animals, offer fruit, and verbalize prayers to false gods today, but they'll continue to live in fear of the powers . . . and in fear of death. They'll follow their own religious rituals toward eternal judgment.

Still others around the world have heard of Jesus but have denied him by rejecting his deity or ignoring his demands. They're not only lost, but they've rejected the light that many others haven't even been exposed to yet.

None of these are joining us in singing praise choruses about new life today — and sadly, many will die this resurrection Sunday with no assurance of heaven. 

Do we rejoice today? Absolutely! 

Should we sing loudly? Like never before! 

Celebrate victory over death? With great fervor! 

Enjoy fellowship with believers?  Surely so!

But, even as we rejoice, sing, celebrate, and fellowship, we should also weep, pray, and go. Too much of the world won't join the celebration today. I'm reminded this resurrection Sunday just how much they're missing. 


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