Saturday Suggestions: March 24, 2018

Check out these helpful posts:

Leadership: When You Are Important And Don't Know It by Mike Calhoun

Insightful and convicting. This post made me think through how I treat those outside of leadership positions.


10 Of My Biggest Leadership Mistakes by Ron Edmondson

I constantly seek to learn from others. This caused me to ask whether or not I'm making the same mistakes.


5 Takeaways from ‘The Wisdom Forum: The Good Life’ by Nathaniel Williams

I'm thankful for this summary on an important topic covered recently at Southeastern Seminary


2 Indicators You (or Someone on Your Team) Have Not “Owned It” by Eric Geiger

Ownership is a key component to any good team. Use these two indicators to evaluate your ownership.


Should a Church Own or Rent Vehicles?  by Bobby Ross Jr.

This is a short but helpful insight to a question many of us will face.

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