7 Reasons Your Church Should Help Pay for Your Staff’s Education

I was a blessed pastor. My church, Rolling Hills Baptist Church in Fairfield, OH, paid for almost all of my seminary education. I know I was the exception among students at the time, but I don’t think I should have been. Here’s why I believe your church ought to contribute toward education costs for your staff members:  

  1. It’s an investment in the kingdom. Even if your staff are not with your church for the rest of their ministry careers, the training they receive now will make them better ministers wherever they serve. What you provide for them now will help others in the future.  

  1. It’s an investment in the staff. If your church believed in your staff enough to call them to serve with them, they should believe in the staff enough to help cover some of their education costs. Your dollars are an affirmation of the staff members.   

  1. It’s an investment in your church. The staff are helping to lead them, so your church should rejoice as their leaders grow in their own training and knowledge. Your church will be stronger because your staff are better equipped.  

  1. It encourages staff members to increase their education. For many staff, cost is a primary reason they don’t continue their education. A giving church can help remove that obstacle.  

  1. It’s an expression of gratitude. Most of our church members can give because God has blessed them. If so, it is right for them to give graciously and gratefully toward the training of others.  

  1. It is wise stewardship. In some cases, Christian seminaries and universities will match what churches provide up to a certain dollar amount. And, it’s almost always wise to invest in people resources.  

  1. It sets a pattern for future generations. I’m an example of that pattern. Because my church so helped me financially, I’m much more committed to helping others. Grateful recipients are much more likely to be sacrificial givers.  

What does your church do? Do you assist your staff with their education costs?  


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