The Anguish of Sin

All of us face temptation, and all of us sin. Because I have again this week seen the painful consequences of sin in a friend’s life, I’m providing these links to previous posts about sin. My prayer is that God might use one or more of these posts to challenge you to live in victory:

  1. 10 Things Hidden Sin Does to Us.We might think we’re covering up our sin, but the consequences seldom remain hidden.
  2. 10 Reasons We Hide Our Sin. Even believers do it sometimes.
  3. 7 Reasons Why We Must Confront Believers in Their Sins. It’s not easy, but we need to do it.
  4. 10 Reasons We Don’t Want to Confront Sin. Here’s why we struggle with this task.
  5. 7 Reasons Your Ongoing Sin Hurts Your Church. Our sin affects others—even when we don’t realize it.
  6. 7 Truths about the Weeds of Sin in Our Lives. Getting rid of weeds takes effort.  
  7. When You Grieve a Prodigal’s Sin More than He or She Does. It’s almost impossible to describe this pain unless you’ve walked in these shoes.
  8. What God Does with Our Sin. I pray this final post brings you hope.



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