11/01/15 Whatever He Commands

READING:  Matthew 20-21

TEXTS AND APPLICATION:  Sometimes the simplest verse in a reading grabs your attention. Today’s reading includes much about Jesus’ rejection of the Jewish leaders. They assumed they were in God’s good standing because they were the people of Abraham, but they were the people who had first rejected the Redeemer. They would, in fact, kill God’s Son. 

On the other hand, these chapters echo with what it takes to be a Christ-follower. We are to be willing to be last (Matt. 20:16), servants who are committed to being “slaves” in order to lead (Matt. 20:26-28). We are to serve just as Jesus served. 

That’s where a simple verse hits home today. Jesus told His disciples to go to Jerusalem to find a donkey and colt that He would need, and “the disciples went and did just as Jesus directed them” (Matt. 21:6). They didn’t always follow Him so obediently, but this time they did. 

I am reminded here of the number of times the Old Testament included a similar summary statement like, “So Moses and Aaron did this; they did just as the Lord commanded them” (Exo. 7:6). The Old Testament leaders Moses and Aaron did just as the Lord commanded them, and the disciples later did just as Jesus directed them. 

Christian faithfulness is not rocket science. It’s not that complicated. It may not always be easy, but it’s seldom impossible to know what to do. We’re to do just as Jesus directs us. Period. 

ACTION STEPS: Commit to doing whatever Jesus tells you to do today — regardless of what that “whatever” might be.  

PRAYER: “God, don’t let me forget this commitment today. Help me to know Your leading and then follow it without reservation.”  







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