11/09/16 Victory

READING: John 13-15

Jesus’ hour had come “to leave this world and go to the Father” (John 13:1). It must surely have appeared that the devil was winning. He “had prompted Judas, the son of Simon Iscariot, to betray Jesus” (John 13:2). When Judas took bread from Jesus, “Satan entered into him” (John 13:27). Even Jesus said that “the prince of this world is coming” (John 14:30) as He faced His death.  The entire plan to kill the Son of God was demonic. 

That’s not to say, though, that any of this plot surprised God. Jesus knew which disciple was going to betray Him (John 13:11, 26). The betrayal itself was the fulfillment of the Old Testament (John 13:18). Satan had no hold on Jesus, and the Messiah’s willingness to die was a sign of His love for the Father (John 14:30-31). Jesus died according to the Father’s plan, not according to the enemy’s. 

Our response to Christ’s love is to follow Him in obedience: “Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching” (John 14:23), particularly by loving one another (John 13:34), serving each other, and being willing to suffer persecution as believers (John 15:20). We are to abide in Him and bear much fruit (John 15:4-5). 

How do we do what God demands of us? We do it through His Spirit, the Advocate, the Spirit of truth who teaches us all things and reminds us of everything Jesus taught (John 14:26). 

From the Father’s creation to the Son’s crucifixion to the Spirit’s indwelling, God grants us victory. From beginning to end, the enemy has never been off of God’s leash. 


  • Ask God to help you trust Him at all times. 
  • Obey God in everything today.     

PRAYER: “God, I am grateful for victory. Help me to obey Your teaching.”     




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