Saturday Suggestions: May 6, 2017

Check out these helpful posts:

A Personal Prayer Plan by Ronnie Floyd

Ronnie Floyd is known as a man who prays. This plan is challenging, but doable.  


4 Bad Ways to Run a Church – And One Good One by Carey Nieuwhof

This post is almost deceivingly simple. If you think about it, most churches wind up in one of the “bad ways.”   


Ten Reasons It is More Difficult to Be a Pastor Today by Thom Rainer

Few people understand the changing nature of the church like Thom does. Here are my thoughts on the same topic.  


Kill Pride before It Kills You by Marshall Segal

If you wonder how to respond when someone praises you, this post will help you. Good stuff . . .  


Fighting the Fallen Leader Epidemic: A Better Way to Find Leaders by Grayson Pope

Fascinating post that says we need to take some responsibility for the fall of leaders. 


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