Saturday Suggestions/Week in Review

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How to Honor Your Predecessor in Ministry by Eric Geiger
Many of us step into leadership positions once occupied by another person. Eric Geiger lists three ways to show respect to the former leader.

3 Things I’d Tell My Younger Pastor Self by Dave Harvey
We don’t step into ministry fully knowing how to interact with the people we’re called to love; we grow through experience. Dave Harvey looks back over his years of ministry and shares wisdom he wishes he could communicate to his younger self.

7 Critical Issues for Your Easter Service Preparation by Thom Rainer
Easter is a time of great celebration in our churches. However, as Thom Rainer reminds us, we must be careful not to let the festivities of Resurrection Sunday overshadow the reason we gather.

How to Encourage that Preacher by Tim Challies
It is important that we as church members support our pastors. Tim Challies shares ideas for how we can best communicate our appreciation to those who preach.

In case you missed this week’s posts at, here’s the week in review:

  1. 7 Hard Tasks for Pastors
  2. Mentoring that Usually Won’t Work with Christian Millennials
  3. 8 Times When Church Mission Statements are Useless
  4. 10 Places to Use Church Greeters, Especially During Easter
  5. 7 Reasons Baby Boomers Struggle Being Mentors


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