08/03/19 Consider God’s Wonders

READING: Job 35-37, Acts 26

Elihu’s long responses to Job weren’t always the best response, but he did at times speak truth. Consider, for example, his words to Job in today’s reading: “Listen to this, Job. Stop and consider God’s wonders. Do you know how God directs his clouds or makes their lightning flash? Do you understand how the clouds float, those wonderful works of him who has perfect knowledge?” (Job 37:14-16).

It was indeed right for Job—as it is for all of us—to consider the wonders of God. We look to the heavens and see the clouds that God directs across the sky. We see the lightning flash, and we can only watch in wonder; we cannot explain how God makes it happen. His knowledge is perfect, His works are wonderful, and His glory is majestic.

How good it would be for us to slow life down enough today to look in wonder at the works of God! May He help us to see His glory around us. 

PRAYER: “Father, Your ways are far beyond me. Remind me of that truth, and let me stand amazed.”   

TOMORROW’S READING:  Review and catch-up day

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