Saturday Suggestions/Week in Review

Check out these important posts from others: 

10 Traits of a Humble Leader by Moses Y. Lee
To be godly ministers, we must lead in humility. Looking to Christ as our example, Moses Lee shares how humble leaders respond to challenges. 

Stop Getting Mad at People Who Question Change by Sam Rainer
When it’s time to implement change in our churches, we may be met with resistance. Sam Rainer explains how to wisely communicate with those who are against change.

What Do You Do When Someone Critiques You? by Nathaniel Williams
Our pride can make constructive criticism hard to swallow. Nathaniel Williams discusses the wisdom in maintaining a posture of teachability. 

Unforeseen Benefits of Expository Preaching by Skylar Spradlin
Preaching verse-by-verse through Scripture requires time and care, but the benefits are worth the effort. Skylar Spradlin tells what happened when he led his church through the book of Luke.

In case you missed this week at, here’s the week in review: 

  1. 7 Things to Do When Church Work Just Hurts
  2. 8 Reasons I Still Love Ministry
  3. 9 Books I Wish I’d Read as a Young Pastor
  4. 6 Reasons I’m Not a Fan of Longer Sermons
  5. 12 Ways We Overcomplicate Church Leadership and Church Growth

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