5 Questions to Ask to Help You Avoid a Fall

My study of spiritual warfare over the years has reminded me that a supernatural enemy is out to destroy us as Christians and church leaders, regardless of our role. Dr. Bill Cook of Southern Seminary and I have written a book coming out in November entitled Spiritual Warfare in the Storyline of Scripture: A Biblical, Theological, and Practical Approach, and we address this issue in a final chapter. Here are some questions to ask to help you avoid a fall:

  1. Am I so amazed by Jesus and so in love with Him that the thought of betraying Him is agonizing? Even the thought of betrayal ought to bring us to tears. 
  2. Do I have such a sweetheart love for my spouse and such a deep commitment to my marriage that I will do whatever it takes to protect our relationship? When you live under this privilege and joy, you’ll fight hard not to let yourself get emotionally or physically attracted to anyone else. 
  3. Have I taken every step I can to avoid the attraction of pornography? I wish I didn’t have to include this question, but I’ve seen too many leaders fall into this trap. 
  4. Am I often physically, emotionally, and spiritually tired? Like with the disciples on the Mount of Olives, emotional and physical fatigue leads to sleep when we should be praying, apathy when we should be watching, and defeat when we should be living in victory. 
  5. Am I clinging to Jesus in such a way that nothing can wedge its way into my life? That means longing for Him, communing with Him in prayer, listening to Him through His Word, obeying Him, and telling others about Him. 

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I pray these posts are helpful to you. Would you please pray for me and all of our readers today who want to finish well?  

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