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The Pastor as Counselor: 8 TED Talk Style Lessons by Brad Hambrick
If you were interested in Dr. Lawless’ recent post on how he might handle counseling differently than he used to, you may also enjoy this short series from Brad Hambrick. He provides a helpful framework for how to conduct counseling well as a pastor.

When ‘You Are Enough’ Simply Isn’t Enough by Nancy Guthrie
So often people will look to all sorts of empty means of fulfillment. Nancy Guthrie reframes the pursuit of fullness in light of God’s Word.

6 Things to Look for in a Pastor by Mark Dever
It is no secret that this season has been full of transition, and perhaps your church now finds itself without a pastor. Mark Dever shares some biblical wisdom on what to look for when searching for a pastor.

7 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Lead Pastor by Greg Baird
Greg Baird offers some ideas for honoring your pastor during pastor appreciation month. If you need some additional ideas, see my post below.

In case you missed this week’s posts at, here’s the week in review:

  1. 10 Signs You Trust Your Pastor
  2. 25 Ways to Honor Your Pastor During Pastor Appreciation Month 2020 – A Really Important Year to Do So
  3. 12 Spiritual Warfare Quotes from One of My Favorite Books
  4. 7 Questions to Ask Before Re-Preaching a Sermon to a Local Church
  5. 5 Posts on Making Announcements in the Church

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