11/23/20 Do You Love Me?

READING: Daniel 10-12, John 21

I wonder how I would respond if Jesus asked me multiple times, “Do you love me?” The more He asked the question, the more I would grieve that I somehow haven’t shown my love for Him. I imagine I would think about my sin. I would remember my rebellions. I’d consider my idolatry and ego, and I’d also think about my sins of omission. So many times, I haven’t done what God calls me to do when I know I should. Standing in the presence of the resurrected Jesus, I would see my wrong – and understand why He continually asks the question. 

Simon Peter truly loved the Lord, even though his actions sometimes suggested otherwise. The Lord’s question to Peter in today’s reading is essentially Jesus preparing Peter for the future. If he did indeed love the Lord, he would feed God’s sheep with the Word of God. He would be willing to die, likely via crucifixion, for his faith. He was to follow Jesus all the way with all his life. 

I pray that my actions today and tomorrow show that I love Christ, regardless of where He leads me. If my faith costs me my life, I want to follow Him. 

PRAYER: “Lord, let me love You fully with my thoughts and actions today.”   

TOMORROW’S READING: Ezra 3-4, Psalm 92, 1 John 1

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