12/09/20 Weeping over a Closed Scroll

READING: Nehemiah 1-3, Revelation 5

We don’t know for certain what was on the scroll John wanted opened in Revelation 5. I suspect it was, in the words of Paul Harvey (for those who remember that name), “the rest of the story”—the unfolding of God’s plan as the remainder of the book of Revelation shows. Whatever the content was, it was clear that John longed to learn more. In fact, the text tells us he “wept and wept” because no one was found worthy to open the scroll. He would learn, of course, that the Lion of the tribe of Judah was indeed worthy, but John’s grief prior to learning that truth was nonetheless palpable. 

Here’s what I think about today as I read this text. Suppose all of God’s Word were suddenly closed to us today. That is, no longer would it be available to us. No longer could we open it and learn more of God’s plan. No more could we turn to it in times of anguish and hopelessness. No more could we read it for the sheer joy of rejoicing in the gospel story. Not again could we hear God speak to us personally as His Spirit speaks to us through that Word. The book would be closed, and no one could open it again. If that were the case, would we then “weep and weep” because we could no longer read it? Or—and this is what I fear—would we continue the motions of our Christianity and never really miss the Word in the first place?

And, as we celebrate God’s coming this Christmas season, do we weep because so many people of the world actually do not have access to that Word? 

PRAYER: “God, help us to love Your Word—and to strive to get it to others.”      

TOMORROW’S READING: Nehemiah 4-6, Psalm 98, Revelation 6

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