01/13/21 Building an Altar

READING: Genesis 26-27, Matthew 9:9-38

It’s always incredible to me when the Lord makes Himself known to us. He speaks through His Word as we read it daily. His Spirit speaks to our heart, convicting us of sin and challenging us to follow God fully. He speaks through His people who themselves listen to His leading. And, sometimes God speaks through circumstances He orchestrates in our lives. In any case, He’s a God who communicates to us. 

In today’s Old Testament reading, God spoke directly to Isaac to remind him of His promise to Abraham. Isaac was not to fear, for the same God who had been with his father was also with him. When God is with us—which is, always—we have no reason to fear. Nothing is bigger, greater, or more powerful than our God. 

In fact, our proper response to God’s revelation is simply to worship Him as Isaac did. He built an altar and called on the Lord, just as his father had done previously (Gen 12:7-8, 13:18). His pitching his tent there was also his affirmation he trusted God’s promise of the land.  May we also trust God’s promises, build altars in our lives, and teach the next generations to do the same. 

PRAYER: “Lord, may my life be a sacrificial one today that trusts You and worships You.”

DAILY ACTION STEP: Take time at some point today to simply worship God. Build an altar in your heart wherever you are. 

TOMORROW’S READING: Genesis 28-30, Matthew 10:1-33

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