07/01/21 They Continued Teaching

READING: 2 Chronicles 14-18, Acts 5:12-42

In Acts 4, the disciples were told not to preach the name of Jesus, but they did it anyway. Multitudes came to them for healing, and many new believers were added to the church. 

In today’s reading, jealous leaders arrested the disciples and put them in the public jail. Surely that move would convince them not to preach . . . except that an angel freed them from the prison. In obedience to the angel’s direction, the disciples went to the city and began telling the story again. Their opponents even wanted to kill them, but Gamaliel convinced them to do otherwise. Instead, they flogged the disciples and ordered them again not to preach in Jesus’ name. 

Not surprisingly, the disciples preached anyway . . . every day . . . in the temple . . . and in homes. They rejoiced they were counted worthy to suffer for Jesus, and they just kept telling the story. The good news was such good news to them they would do whatever they could to spread the story—no matter what it cost. 

May God help us to have that same kind of commitment and passion! 

PRAYER: “Father, move in my heart so I cannot help but speak of Jesus.  

DAILY ACTION STEP:  Prayerfully consider whether you would rejoice in being worthy to suffer for Jesus.      

TOMORROW’S READING: 2 Chronicles 19-22, Acts 6:1-7:15

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