07/05/21 When We Become “Strong”

READING: 2 Chronicles 23-26, Acts 7:16-53

Today’s Old Testament reading can be disconcerting. Alarming, even, if we find ourselves in the story.

Joash was a young king of Judah who did what was right in the Lord’s sight as long as Jehoida was the priest. Indeed, he led in the efforts of renovating the temple. But, everything changed after Jehoida died and his influence on the king was no more. Other leaders paid homage to the king and enticed him to turn to idolatry. Eventually, his own servants conspired against him and assassinated him. He who started out well was buried, but not among the other kings. 

King Uzziah, too, was a faithful king whose “fame spread even to distant places” (2 Chron 26:15). God wondrously helped him become strong—but then Uzziah grew arrogant in his strength. He stepped over the line to burn incense on the altar (which was the prerogative of the priests), and God brought judgment. Stricken with disease, Uzziah spent the rest of his life in quarantine. 

Two kings who started well, but who ended poorly. Two stories that ought to make all of us depend on God every second, every minute, every hour. None of us is immune to ego—especially when we walk alone. 

PRAYER: “God, I confess to You my own tendency to lean on self rather than on You. Forgive me.”  

DAILY ACTION STEP:  Be aware that yesterday’s victories are no guarantee of today’s wins. Keep your eyes on Jesus. 

TOMORROW’S READING:  2 Chronicles 27-30, Acts 7:54-8:8

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