08/23/21 Hear My Prayer

READING: Psalms 53-59, Romans 10:5-11:10

Yesterday morning, I preached from Psalms 42 and 43. One of the things I love about the psalms is that they continually call me to prayer. Many of them, in fact, include prayers within the psalm itself. In today’s Old Testament passages are these same kinds of reminders of the psalmist’s commitment to prayer—and, by extension, a challenge for all of us to turn to God in prayer:

  • “God, hear my prayer; listen to the words from my mouth.” (Psa 54:2)
  • “God, listen to my prayer and do not hide from my plea for help. Pay attention to me and answer me.” (Psa 55:1-2a)
  • “But I call to God, and the Lord will save me. I complain and groan morning, noon, and night, and he hears my voice.” (Psa 55:16-17)
  • “I call to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.” (Psa 57:2)

Indeed, why would the psalmist not call on God? After all, He is “my helper . . . the sustainer of my life” (Psa 54:4), “the one enthroned from long ago” (Psa 55:19), the one “who fulfills his purposes for me” (Psa 57:2), “my stronghold . . . my faithful God” (Psa 59:17). Perhaps, in fact, the most obvious reason to seek God at all times is this simple summary statement of the psalmist in today’s reading: “This I know: God is for me” (Psa 56:9). 

That’s really all we need to know. 

PRAYER: “God, I thank You for allowing us to come to You. Praise You!”   

DAILY ACTION STEP:  Call on the Lord multiple times today.      

TOMORROW’S READING: Psalms 60-66, Romans 11:11-12:8

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