10 Things I Can Do Today because God’s Mercies Are New This Morning

The writer of Lamentations gave us these powerful words: “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness” (Lam 3:22-23). Based on these truths about God’s renewed mercies today, this day can be different:

  1. I can come back home if I’ve wandered from the Father. He woos and waits, ever offering His steadfast love and always remaining faithful to His covenant. New mercies are waiting for me. 
  2. I can let go of the guilt and shame of yesterday’s sin. I’ve confessed it, and He has been faithful and just to forgive (1 John 1:9). That’s not just God’s promise; it’s who He is. 
  3. No matter what I’m facing, I can still look forward to what God has for me today. I know it will be wrapped in compassion. Today’s plans are written against a backdrop of His love. 
  4. I can begin work on restoring broken relationships in my life. If the rising of the sun each morning brings God’s mercy to me again, I can work to extend that love to someone else—beginning today. 
  5. I can say “no” when temptation shows up today. God’s compassion is evident in His indwelling Spirit, who enables and empowers me to live in victory. Beginning this morning, this day doesn’t have to be a day of defeat. 
  6. I can let go of worry. So often, worry is about what might happen in the future. God’s steadfast love,  mercies, and faithfulness are available to us in the present, however. Trusting Him today should trump tomorrow’s worries. 
  7. I can re-engage my spiritual disciplines (or start them, even) if I’ve allowed them to lapse. No need to wait until the first of the next year to start a new plan and try again. His loves surrounds me today, so I need to turn to Him this day.  
  8. I can get involved in a local church again. No matter why I might have fallen out of the practice of gathering with other believers, it’s a new day. In fact, I should want to worship our faithful God with others. 
  9. I can share with my pastor my sense of ministry calling if I haven’t yet. Even if I’ve constantly delayed accepting and obeying God’s call, He remains compassionate toward me. Today’s grace can help me step out in faith. 
  10. I can follow Christ and become His child if I’ve not already done so. Today is all God has given me. That’s okay, though, because His mercies are new this morning. Today, I can know Him through turning from my sin and trusting Him. 

What changes do you need to make today based on the truth that God’s mercies are new every morning? 

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