Wednesday Words: Michael Green on the Early Church’s Challenging Commitment to Evangelism

Welcome to “Wednesday Words,” a weekly quote or insight I hope will encourage you and provide you a thought or illustration for preaching or teaching this week. Today’s quote is from scholar Michael Green:

The enthusiasm to evangelize which marked the early Christians is one of the most remarkable things in the history of religions. . . . They might be slighted, laughed at, disenfranchised, robbed of their possessions, their homes, even their families, but this would not stop them. They might be reported to the authorities as dangerous atheists and required to sacrifice to the imperial gods, but they refused to comply. In Christianity they had found something utterly new, authentic, and satisfying. They were not prepared to deny Christ even in order to preserve their own lives; and in the manner of their dying they made converts to their faith.

Michael Green, Evangelism In the Early Church (p. 273). Kindle Edition.

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