Wednesday Words: Tim Chester on Time Management and Faithfulness

Welcome to “Wednesday Words,” a weekly quote or insight I hope will encourage you and provide you a thought or illustration for preaching or teaching this week. Today’s quote is from Tim Chester:

Jesus and Paul could speak of completing the work not because they had completed a defined task, but because they had worked faithfully throughout their lives. Paul doesn’t say he has won the fight, but that he has stuck at the job of fighting. It’s not that Paul had finished the job and was looking forward to retirement. It was rather than he had been faithful to the ministry God gave him. What mattered to Paul was finishing the race, not finishing the ‘to-do list’. The ‘success’ of our lives will be measured not in what we have ‘achieved’, but in our faithfulness.

Tim Chester, The Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness (p. 52). IVP. Kindle Edition.

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