01/05/22 Intercession

READING: Genesis 17-20

Intercessors make a difference. At this stage of my ministry, I’m convinced any effectiveness I have is not because of me, but because of the prayers of God’s people. I could likely write for an hour if I were to list all the believers who’ve regularly prayed for me over the years—and I wish now I had said “thank you” more often. 

In today’s reading, Abraham is the intercessor – first, for the righteous in Sodom and Gomorrah, and second, for Abimelech and his household. The former prayer is passionate and persistent, Abraham’s pleading with God even though he knows he is not worthy to keep pressing his request. While God does not find ten righteous people in the cities, He does send angels to rescue Lot because He “remembered Abraham” and his prayers (Gen 19:27). 

In response to Abraham’s latter prayer, God opens the wombs of the women in Abimelech’s household. Abraham was again hardly perfect in character, but God nevertheless changed other lives through his intercession. He still does that today, too. 

PERSONAL REFLECTION: For whom will you intercede today?   

DAILY PRAYER: “God, use me to intercede for others today.” 


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