01/27/23 Holiness

READING: Exodus 28-30

I know this devotion is different today, but I trust you will understand why. Read each of these verses from today’s text, and note the word you hear over and over again. Don’t miss the intentional repetition throughout today’s reading:

  • “Make holy garments for your brother Aaron, for glory and beauty” (Exo 28:2)
  • “They are to make holy garments for your brother Aaron and his sons so that they may serve me as priests.” (Exo 28:4)
  • “You are to make a pure gold medallion and engrave it, like the engraving of a seal: Holy to the Lord.” (Exo 28:36)
  • “It will be on Aaron’s forehead so that Aaron may bear the guilt connected with the holy offerings that the Israelites consecrate as all their holy gifts.” (Exo 28:38)
  • “Put the turban on his head and place the holy diadem on the turban.” (Exo 29:6)
  • “So he and his garments will be holy, as well as his sons and their garments.” (Exo 29:21)
  • “The holy garments that belong to Aaron are to belong to his sons after him” (Exo 29:29)
  • “You are to take the ram of ordination and boil its flesh in a holy place.” (Exo 29:31)
  • “An unauthorized person must not eat them, for these things are holy.” (Exo 29:33)
  • “If any of the meat of ordination or any of the bread is left until morning, burn what is left over. It must not be eaten because it is holy.” (Exo 29:34)
  • “The altar will be especially holy.” (Exo 29:37)
  • “The altar is especially holy to the Lord.” (Exo 30:10)
  • “Prepare from these a holy anointing oil, a scented blend, the work of a perfumer; it will be holy anointing oil.” (Exo 30:25)
  • “Consecrate them and they will be especially holy. Whatever touches them will be consecrated.” (Exo 30:29) 
  • “Tell the Israelites: This will be my holy anointing oil throughout your generations. It must not be used for ordinary anointing on a person’s body, and you must not make anything like it using its formula. It is holy, and it must be holy to you.” (Exo 30:32-33)
  • “Prepare expertly blended incense from these; it is to be seasoned with salt, pure and holy.” (Exo 30:35) 
  • Grind some of it into a fine powder and put some in front of the testimony in the tent of meeting, where I will meet with you. It must be especially holy to you.” (Exo 30:36)
  • “As for the incense you are making, you must not make any for yourselves using its formula. It is to be regarded by you as holy—belonging to the Lord.” (Exo 30:37)

Clearly, to be set apart for the Lord’s purposes—that is, to be holy—matters to Him. We are to reflect a holy God in all we do; He has set us apart to be light in the midst of darkness.  

PERSONAL REFLECTION: How much does holiness matter to you today? 

DAILY PRAYER: “God, remind me of Your call to be holy.” 

MONDAY’S READING: Exodus 31-34

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