03/06/23 Don’t Forget

READING: Deuteronomy 13-16

Whenever the Lord repeats something in His Word, it’s wise for us to pay attention.  It’s apparently something He doesn’t want us to forget. For example, today’s reading reminds us of two of these thoughts. 

  • God told His people to stand strong against false prophets who exhorted them to turn from “the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt and redeemed you from the place of slavery…” (Deut 13:5, see also v. 10).
  • The people were to do what is right in the eyes of the Lord, for “the Lord has chosen you to be his own possession out of all the peoples on the face of the earth” (Deut 14:2).

The people were God’s people. The Lord’s possession. Uniquely chosen out of all the people in the world. Dramatically rescued and freed from slavery in Egypt. Those were things worth remembering. In fact, you would think they would never forget or ignore them in the first place—but they did. God had to remind them over and over again.

We’re forgetful, too, actually. God has chosen and called us. He has made us His children. He has rescued us and granted us freedom and life. Still, we forget—and we need reminders like today.

PERSONAL REFLECTION: Do you ever take God’s grace for granted?     

DAILY PRAYER: “Father, I’m guilty of forgetting. Forgive me.”   

MONDAY’S READING: Deuteronomy 17-20

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